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Contributions to ONOS SDN (software defined network) Controller

  1. [ONOS-2696] Support method “replace” in ConsistentMap (accept, January 14, 2016), (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  2. [ONOS-3558] Define interfaces for Supporting a AtomicLongMap (accept, February 20, 2016) (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  3. [ONOS-3555] DistributedGroupStore must use ConsistentMap (accept, March 9, 2016) (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  4. [ONOS-5560] IntentCleanupTestMock::corruptPoll fails very rarely due to race condition (accept, Nov 12, 2016) (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  5. [ONOS-3558] Define concrete classes for Supporting a AtomicLongMap (commit) (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  6. [ONOS-4832] Create an implementation of ‘IntentStore’ based on ‘WorkQueue’ primitive (commit) (key contributer: Jihwan Kim).
  7. [ONOS-5612] Create an implementation of ‘TestWorkQueue’ (in progress) (key contributer, reporter: Jihwan Kim).
  8. [ONOS-5624] Null-Providers: Implement the mesh topology (accept, December 15, 2016) (key contributer: Hwanwook Lee).
  9. [ONOS-5625] Null-Providers: Implement the chordal topology (accept, Jan, 2017) (key contributer: Hyunmin Noh).
  10. [ONOS-6205] Memory leaks in DistributedMeterStore (accept, Jan, 2018) (key contributer: Hwanwook Lee).
  11. [ONOS-6203] Null pointer exception for class variable (commit, Sep, 2018) (key contributer: Goeon Park).
  12. [ONOS-3822] Resource CLI command refactoring (accept, Nov, 2018) (key contributer: Goeon Park).


Proposals to ITU-T SG16

  1. Proposal for a fountain encoded (AL-FEC) symbol transmission scheme, Proposal for ITU-T SG16, Nov. 2010. (AVD-4019)
  2. Performance analysis of a fountain encoded (AL-FEC) symbol transmission scheme, Proposal for ITU-T SG16,  2011. (AVD-4123)
  3. F.CCNMMS: Proposed Update to draft F.CCNMMS, CONTRIBUTION 1157, May 2016.
  4. F.CCNMMS: Functional architecture update, January 2017.
  5. F.CCNMMS: Proposed update of node architecture and other functions, January 2017.
  6. F.CCNMMS: Proposed protocol operations and other functions, January 2017.
  7. F.CCNMMS: Proposed changes, Oct. 2017.


Proposals to ITU-T H.263++ standardization activity

  1. Hwangjun Song, Jongwon Kim and C.-C. Jay Kuo, Real-time encoding frame rate control for H.263+,  Proposal for ITU-T H.263++ standardization Nov. , 1998. (Q15-F-14)
  2. Hwangjun Song, Jongwon Kim and C.-C. Jay Kuo, Performance analysis of real-time motion-based frame rate control, Proposal for ITU-T H.263++ standardization, Feb., 1999. (Q15-G-22)
    => Accepted for TMN11